Technical tours

As a complement for the ISWA 2019 World Congress a set of four technical visits to local waste treatment facilities has been scheduled.

Three of the visits cover most of the waste tratment plants that compose the Biscay waste treatment infrastructure. These plants have been built in the last 2 decades, under the succesive Waste Management Plans, under a Public Private Partnership scheme. Garbiker, the local (Biscay) public waste management company is a shareholder in these plants.

According to the EU Waste Management Hierarchy the existing infrastructure in Biscay can be classified as:

  • Recycling facilities: BTB (construction and demolition), BZB (packaging), BPB (plastics), Berziklatu (bulky), Ekorrepara…
  • MBT facilities: TMB (Artigas)
  • Composting: Konpostegia (Artigas)
  • WTE facilities: Zabalgarbi (Artigas)
  • Disposal facilities: Artigas landfill, others in stand by

The fourth visit covers the recently built Zubieta Environmental Complex in San Sebastián (Gipuzkoa). These facilities, some of which are still in their construction steps, are owned by GHK, the local (Gipuzkoa) public waste management company.


Galindo-Bilbao wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) - (Sestao, Biscay)

Visit 1: facilities at Orconera (Ortuella) and Galindo (Sestao), in the Left Bank of the Bilbao Estuary

PRICE: 40€TIME SCHEDULE: 15.00-19.00

  • BTB (Bizkaiko Txintxor Berziklategia), a construction and demolition waste (CDW) recycling plant located in Ortuella, operating since 2004.
  • Berziklatu, Bulky waste recycling plant, built on an old landfill (Orconera)
  • Waste water treatment plant (WWTP) Galindo, owned by Consorcio de Aguas Bilbao Bizkaia
Artigas dump (of the city of Bilbao)

Visit 2: Facilities at Artigas (Bilbao)

PRICE: 40€TIME SCHEDULE: 15.00-19.00

  • Environmental Education Centre on Waste, operated by Garbiker
  • Konpostegi, waste composting plant
  • Landfill & leachate treatment plant, operating since 1976
  • TMB, Mechanical and Biological Treatment plant, operating since 2013.
  • Zabalgarbi, Waste to Energy plant, operating since 2005.

Visit 3: Pneumatic waste Collection terminals (PWCS) Municiality of Portugalete

PRICE: free TIME SCHEDULE: 15.00-19.00


  • 15h. Departure by bus from the man Gate of the Congress. Travelling time: 20 minutes.
  • 15.30 h. Visit of the PWC Systems in Buenavista and Rivas , including tour to visit to the disposal points. (Duration of the visit 2 hour).
  • 17.30 h. Visit of the Portugalete Hanging Bridge (World Heritage)
  • 18.00 h. Return to BILBAO.


Bizkaiko Zabor Berziklategia (BZB) (Amorebieta, Biscay)

Visit 4: Facilities close to Bilbao

PRICE: 40€TIME SCHEDULE: 09.00-13.00

  • BZB (Bizkaiko Zabor Berziklategia), Material recovery facility located in Boroa (Amorebieta), 20 km away from Bilbao, operating since 1999.
  • Garbigune, household waste collection point. In Biscay there are ca. 25 waste collection points in which citizens carry household waste streams that are not included in the regular collection system. Each container is conveyed to the corresponding recycling plant.
  • Koopera Reusing Center, textil & other sorting and recycling plant located in Mungia, 35 km away from Bilbao, operating since 2012.
New Gipuzkoa Environmental Complex

Visit 5: Environmental complex in Zubieta (San Sebastián), 100 km away from Bilbao

PRICE: 40€TIME SCHEDULE: 09.00-13.00

  • MBT plant, operating since mid 2019
  • WTE plant
  • Biomethanization plant for organic waste
  • Bottom ash (slag) maturation facility


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