Captain Moore: “It’s already impossible to clean our oceans of plastics”

Captain Charles Moore will participate in the ISWA 2019 World Congress to be held in October in Bilbao, giving a Keynote speech entitled “Plastic invades the Biosphere” during the opening ceremony. Captain Moore is one of the most recognized world experts in the field, so his exposure is expected with the utmost interest.

In 1997, Moore discovered a huge plastic island in the Pacific Ocean when he was returning to California from the Hawaiian Islands via an unusual route under the oceanographic ship Alguita.

Since that discovery, Captain Moore has devoted himself to researching how to remedy the pollution of plastics in the seas. From his expert vision, he can not help but be pessimistic about it when he is asked if we are still in time to save the oceans. “No, it is impossible to clean the ocean of plastics“, he says, and what is worse is that “the amount of plastics that is poured annually into our seas continues to grow”.

Its outreach work, together with that of other experts and organizations working to preserve the marine environment, has made society as a whole be aware that it faces a serious problem but, in its view, a much stronger mobilization would be needed in order to be able to dream about clean seas free from marine litter. “It is true that there is now a greater awareness of society in general, but the response is still too timid for the radical changes that are required to fight the plague of marine litter and plastic waste in the entire biosphere“, he warns.

Moore situates the response to the marine litter with social mobilization in the face of another environmental problem of extraordinary magnitude. “It’s something similar to what happens with our response to climate change“, he regrets.

Although his diagnosis is certainly pessimistic, Charles Moore is very clear about the correct way to reverse the situation before it is definitely unresolvable. “To stop polluting the seas, both political authorities and society as a whole must completely change an economic model that takes advantage of pollution. With the current economic system we cannot carry out the required changes” he announces.

Those attending the ISWA 2019 World Congress to be held next October in Bilbao, will have the opportunity to hear live the reflections of one of the experts who better knows everything related to marine litter.

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