Papers received: the quantity and quality presages a successful Congress

The deadline for submitting abstracts is over, and we can announce that the ISWA 2019 World Congress, which will be held between October 7th and 9th in Bilbao (Spain), will be providing content in quantity and quality enough to forecast the success of the event.

The Sustainable cities section is the one that more contributions has risen, according to the number of papers received, about one in three of the total. Next -in terms of number- come the Technologies of collection, Transport and treatment of waste, Climate change, Social innovation, Digital technologies and Plastic waste in our seas.

Regarding the geographical origin of the proposals we have received, more than one in two  come from European countries. South America has been the second region in the world with the biggest number of papers sent, followed by Asia, Africa, North America and Oceania.

As for countries that issued proposals, the ranking is headed by Spain, followed by Brazil and the United States.

It should be reminded that within the ISWA 2019 World Congress in Bilbao, there will be a specific Latin American conference, which will be held in Spanish language. This special parallel session will take place in Spanish and English, the official language of the congress

Once all the papers have been received, the Scientific and Technical Committee in charge of the selection, made up of more than 40 international experts, is currently involved in the work of analyzing and selecting the most interesting papers for the Congress, since it is materially impossible for everyone to have a slot in the 3 days in which the Bilbao event will be held.

Our first impression is that “preparing the menu with so many good ingredients” will be an arduous task, due to the general level of the proposals and the diversity of the subjects they present. It is about finding a balance between all the thematic sections included in the Congress program, trying to contribute, in addition, the most innovative aspects of each one so that the appointment at Bilbao provides the greatest amount of knowledge to those who  attend in it.

The period for submitting proposals is already closed, but the registration period for the Congress is open. The draft Congress program will be ready in a couple of months, since there are only 6 months left for the event. See you in Bilbao in October 7th to 9th.

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