Preparing the menu

In less than 9 months, between October 7th and 9th, 2019, the 29th edition of the ISWA world congress will be held in Bilbao (Spain). This time the motto is “Circular economy, what are you doing?” For this congress, organized by Ategrus, six blocks have been defined:

– sustainable cities

– technical innovation in waste management

– the fourth industrial revolution and waste management

– climate change and waste management

– social innovation

– marine litter

The block on sustainable cities will address issues such as public awareness, minimization of waste generation, collection and transport of waste (by trucks, underground), urban services and governance, communication and social issues.

The chapter of technologies in waste management will let us know about material reuse, waste classification and recycling, organic fraction, clinical waste and special waste, biological mechanical treatment, waste to energy (biomethanisation, combustion, gasification, pyrolysis…), emerging technologies, R&D in waste management…

Digitalization and the fourth industrial revolution are already having an impact on the waste management industry. We will be able to learn about advances in new materials, sensors, Internet of Things (IoT), apps, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, chatbots, social networks, robots (separation and recycling), drones, 3D printers, autonomous vehicles…

The block on climate change and waste management will reflect on the contribution of waste management to greenhouse gas emissions (almost all the CO2 emitted is due to landfill methane emissions).

Regarding social innovation, we will be hearing about waste management and green jobs, waste management in emerging countries, new business models based on the circular economy, the sharing economy, the blue economy, biomimicry…

The last block will be dedicated to marine litter, to the plastic islands that are drowning our oceans and that reach our food chain. In fact, the term microplastics has been selected as the word of the year 2018 by Fundéu.

ISWA has a Scientific and Technical Committee (STC) and a number of working groups: recycling and minimization; collection and transport; biological treatments; energy recovery; landfilling; hazardous residues; health care waste; communication and social issues; governance and legal issues; and climate change and waste management.

Ategrus, the Spanish national member of ISWA, through its Organizing Committee, is already working on the definition of the different panels that will shape the congress. This team is combining the contents and contributions suggested by the different working groups of ISWA and those received from candidates to give a speak (the call for abstracts is still open).

Bilbao, Biscay and the Basque Country are internationally recognized, among other things, for their gastronomy. The Organizing Committee team is trying to prepare an attractive menu with selected speakers, from these suggestive ingredients.

The scientific program of the congress must be ready by June 2019, and will include several plenary sessions (keynotes) and a multitude of thematic sessions during the 3 days of the congress. There will also be visits to reference facilities and a social and cultural program.

It is expected to attract to Bilbao, an example of life-quality city, and an international reference of transformation and urban regeneration, more than 1,000 congress attendants next October.

It will be a good opportunity to bring together the international community of the waste management industry in Bilbao, to exchange experiences, to talk about anything in order to do everything, to learn from each other and catch up.

Enjoy it. On egin!


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