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Contenur is one of the leading companies in Europe in the manufacturing of container systems for urban solid waste. The company has three production plants in Spain, Poland and Brazil, with commercial subsidiaries in 14 countries worldwide.

Along with the geographical expansion, for years Contenur has been making important bet on a container solutions range, adopting its catalogue of products to new aesthetic and technological needs of its clients.


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BeachTech is the world leader manufacturer of beach cleaning machines. Based in Germany and proudly part of Kässbohrer Geländefahrzeug AG. Always at at the forefront of technology. We have the broadest range of products, including towed and self propelled vehicles. Casli is our representative in Spain since 1996.


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Refractory engineering company with two manufacturing units for all types of refractory materials. Family business with 65 years of experience in advice on refractory solutions (materials, design and assembly) for all types of Incinerators plants (urban waste and dangerous waste), with satisfied customers in all the main plants in Spain.


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Operate Foundation

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The Operate Foundation was created with the exclusive aim of providing updates, regulatory information, technical experience and management solutions on environmental issues with particular attention to aspects of circular economy and environmental sustainability. Operate is part of the working group about the ” Pay- As- You- Throw”, of Urban Agenda Partnership on Circular Economy,  with the aim to create a “PAYT Toolkit” for the implementation of PAYT in European cities (www.operate.it/payt).

Sartori Ambiente

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Save time, money and valuable airspace with Tarpomatic Australia’s alternate daily cover system.

With over 600 units operating worldwide, Tarpomatic offers an innovative alternative daily cover solution delivering multiple cost-savings and environmental advantages. Tarpomatic’s heavy duty construction and interchangeable spools make it the only long-term solution for landfills large or small.


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Beach Cleaners FLOZAGA GUTERH. We are manufacturers of beach cleaners since the late 70´S and we are specialized in manufacturing these types of machines. We offer our customers beach cleaners of high-performance and low maintenance costs. Our company works for a better environment.

ISWA Rotterdam 2020

Booth n.: 9-10-11

Rotterdam is proud to host and organise the congress in 2020, in partnership with the NVRD. In 2020, the congress will focus on a wide range of issues such as separate collection and recycling, waste treatment, marine litter and the circular economy. These issues align with Rotterdam’s ambition to lead the pack when it comes to the circular economy. By 2050, waste will no longer exist in our city.


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GH Craines and components

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Since 1958, we manufacture lifting solutions for companies of all industries, especially for civil works, construction and mining, aerospace and automotive industries, energy production, shipyards, paper industry, waste management, etc. Nowadays, GH is considered as one of the industry’s leading solid global waste solution manufacturer.

Our products incorporate the latest technologies in terms of materials and also in diagnosis and communication, in order to continue offering safe, robust and reliable solutions, which is what our more than 115,000 cranes installed in more than 70 countries are currently doing.

We have a team of 800 people working in our own production plants in Spain, Brazil, Mexico, Poland, Thailand and USA, and subsidiaries in Colombia, China, France, India, Peru and Portugal.


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Germany based expert company and plant builder of high-performance waste and wastewater treatment plants: waste-derived effluents, landfill leachate or highly-loaded industrial effluents, process water recycling, ZLD, thermal utilisation of waste, RDF and sewage sludge. WEHRLE was founded in 1860, has 200 employees and is managed in the 6th generation of the founder’s family.


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SCT designs and built waste treatment facilities using proprietary technology with a constant focus on environmental sustainability.

Technical excellence is assured by our team of highly qualified and experienced engineers and over 15 years  operation we have designed and built over 50 waste treatment facilities across Europe, America and Australia.

Gipuzkoa Council

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From Spain to Malaysia, in dealing with industrial and commercial refuse or household and hazardous waste, Trienekens has successfully developed and implemented waste-management concepts. In fact, our firm’s range of activities covers virtually the entire realm of waste management, and the know-how we have accumulated is correspondingly comprehensive. In addition to our operational activities, we also gather fundamental waste-related data and generate relevant statistics bases upon which our charges are calculated. Tailor-made concepts are also created at our headquarters. In cooperation with experienced engineers and based upon yearlong experience, waste-treatment facilities are planned that later become reality.


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Softline has identified Wintarif software solution based on the existing monitoring solutions in SEVESO allowing simulations for the definition of the new regulation introducing PAYT in Seveso, and invoicing for PAYT systems according to the monitored information. The invoice shows in detailed and transparent manner the costs of service through interaction with citizens via web or app for real time reporting of service incidents.


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The EU-funded WASTE4THINK promotes the concept of a circular economy in waste management, whereby everything is reused and nothing is sent to landfill. It brings together 19 partners to design 20 holistic `eco-solutions´ and pilot them in four municipalities across Europe, chosen for the diversity of challenges they present for waste management. The challenge is to improve waste management not only in economic or operational terms but also considering the environmental and social impacts.


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Zamudio, located in the north of the Iberian Peninsula is a pilot in the Waste4Think project. It has a big enterprise ecosystem and the industrial waste generation represents 68% of the total waste generated in the municipality. The objective in the project is to increase the selective collection rate from 14% to 30% implementing a PAYT scheme and social actions.


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With 90 000 people on the five continents, SUEZ is a world leader in smart and sustainable resource management. We provide water and waste management solutions that enable cities and industries optimize their resource management and strengthen their environmental and economic performances, in line with regulatory standards.


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Ros Roca is a specialist provider of state-of-the-art waste disposal vehicles. Combining more than 70 years of experience with a passion for innovation and consistently high quality. The company has a wide range of products for waste management, refuse collectors vehicles, bin-lifters, side-loading containers and for urban cleaning, water tanks and bin washers.

Moreover, it offers a strong international coverage combining direct presence and distribution agreements.


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The SIGAUS mission is to protect the environment from the negative impact of the used oils generated in vehicles, industrial machines and productive processes. Through a management network of approximately 160 waste management companies that are specialised in the collection, analysis and treatment of this hazardous waste, SIGAUS processes 100% of the used oil collected throughout the national territory, in accordance with the current environmental law. The Entity allocates 100% of its funds (obtained from its member companies, depending on the volume of oils they place on the market) to the management of used oil, so it does not make economic benefits.

SIGAUS can be considered as a very good reference for the Circular Economy principles, as it is an effective and efficient system that combines both the wastes collection and recovery, having the highest rates of waste regeneration. This process allows to have new products in the market. It is recognized as one of the most efficient and reliable system for the management of industrial waste oils. Due to this recognition, delegations from several countries visited SIGAUS in order to learn about our system and trying to transpose the best practises identified into their countries.


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Urbaser is a world leader in environmental management, a global sustainability-oriented company, serving more than 57 million people in 27 countries through a huge network of more than 40,000 employees and over 201 subsidiary companies.

Urban Refuse Development

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URD is an international company providing turnkey PWC Solutions, a Smart City technology which allows to transport waste automatically 24/7 by vacuum means through a buried pipeline, in a clean, odorless and ecological way. It facilitates data collection and users identification, increasing recycling rates, circular economy and reducing CO2 footprint of cities.


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