Mario Picazo: “The main issue is that economic interests rule over the magnitude of the climate crisis”

Mario Picazo is is one of the speakers in the opening day of the ISWA2019 Congress, which will be held in October in Bilbao. He’s a UCLA PhD formed both in Atmospheric Sciences and Geography with a specialization in Climate Change and Extreme Weather. He currently serves as an adjunct professor in both the Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences and the Geography Department at UCLA. His main research interests deal with future climate scenarios and the effect they will have on crop yield in different areas of the world. He is also interested in the impact climate change is having on extreme events such as drought and wildfires.

In the ISWA2019 Congress, Mario Picazo will present a paper titled: Greenhouse Gas Driven Extreme Weather and Climate

 Are we still in time to reverse climate change?

The momentum our current anthropogenic climate change is gaining year after year is unstoppable, however, we do have an opportunity, if action is taken now and at the right intensity, to deaccelerate this new climate scenario we are building.

Will it be possible that powerful countries  like the US, China and other ‘deniers’ to become aware of the scale of the problem?

 Honestly, I believe they are very aware despite the presence of deniers occupying key political positions in these countries. The main issue is that economic interests rule over the magnitude of the climate crisis we are facing. These are global powerhouses very capable of moving things in the wright direction, even if the investment to achieve a transition to a much more circular economy is high.

It seems that extreme weather phenomena are becoming more and more common. Is it just an impression or are there scientific and statistical data to prove it? What should we expect in the short term about climatology?

 Data shows clearly that one of the signs of our ¨new climate¨ is more extreme atmospheric processes as a response to an planet that is becoming super energized. More intense prolonged heat waves and droughts, more powerful hurricanes and rain events … that is the norm for today´s climate and things will certainly become more erratic and intense as we continue to increase the concentration of greenhouse gases in our atmosphere.


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